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  • RocketDock

    RocketDock Latest

    Developer: Punk Software [Home]Size: 6.16 MBTotal downloads: 195Last Month downloads: 3License: Freeware

    RocketDock smooth animation, alpha blending application launcher. It provides a neat interface down…

  • 8.7 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • XWidget

    XWidget Latest

    Developer: XWidget Software Studio [Home]Size: 8.25 MBTotal downloads: 235Last Month downloads: 3License: Freeware

    XWidget is a free desktop customization platform. It is very light, convenient and powerful editing…

  • 7.4 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Mouse Trapper

    Mouse Trapper 2.0

    Developer: JABFreeware [Home]Size: NATotal downloads: 141Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    With Mouse Trapper you longer have to worry about your mouse pointer accidentally crossing into anot…

  • 6.0 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Mouse without Borders

    Mouse without Borders 2.1.2

    Developer: Microsoft [Home]Size: 1.08 MBTotal downloads: 195Last Month downloads: 1License: Freeware

    Mouse without Borders is a prototype that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing …

  • 4.7 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • WindowBlinds

    WindowBlinds 8.1

    Developer: Stardock [Home]Size: 48.75 MBTotal downloads: 114Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    WindowBlinds enables users to customize the Windows desktop interface with skins. Skinnable element…

  • 8.1 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Google Desktop

    Google Desktop 5.9

    Developer: Google [Home]Size: 1.92 MBTotal downloads: 163Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    Google desktop allows your computer to search with Google search network. This is a desktop search …

  • 9.0 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • StartW8

    StartW8 1.2

    Developer: SODATSW [Home]Size: 1.73 MBTotal downloads: 106Last Month downloads: 4License: Freeware

    Startw8 is a free but powerful Windows 8 user tools. Do you like desktop modernui? Do you want to l…

  • 9.1 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Dexpot

    Dexpot 1.6.10

    Developer: Dexpot GbR [Home]Size: 3.49 MBTotal downloads: 109Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    Your display Dexpot to 20. To create additional workspace Dexpot you can quickly switch. Desktop, f…

  • 8.2 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Adobe Shockwave Player

    Adobe Shockwave Player 12.0

    Developer: Adobe [Home]Size: 15.04 MBTotal downloads: 179Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    Shockwave player is web standards for powerful multimedia playback. Shockwave player allows you to …

  • 8.3 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Rainlendar Lite 64 bit

    Rainlendar Lite 64 bit 2.12

    Developer: Rainy [Home]Size: 18.55 MBTotal downloads: 164Last Month downloads: 4License: Freeware

    Rainlendar Lite - a customizable calendar, Rainlendar is a very beautiful desktop calendar, support…

  • 9.2 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
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