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  • Windows 7 Codecs Advanced

    Windows 7 Codecs Advance 4.3

    Developer: Shark007 [Home]Size: 27.84 MBTotal downloads: 143Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    All the codec needs Windows 7 avis, DVDS and more! Windows 7 codec is a audio and video decoding sc…

  • 6.9 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Avidemux 64 bit

    Avidemux 64 bit 2.6.5

    Developer: Mean [Home]Size: 16.99 MBTotal downloads: 249Last Month downloads: 1License: Freeware

    Avidemux - a video editor and encoder. A video editor and encoder, you can edit, coding and requ…

  • 8.2 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Avidemux 32 bit

    Avidemux 32 bit 2.6.5

    Developer: Mean [Home]Size: 16.99 MBTotal downloads: 144Last Month downloads: 1License: Freeware

    Free video editor with a carefully chosen Avidemux feature set, get your cutting, filtering and enc…

  • 9.1 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 10.0

    Developer: Codec Guide [Home]Size: 29.52 MBTotal downloads: 142Last Month downloads: 4License: Freeware

    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is a collection of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codec and tools. Codec and Di…

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  • K-Lite Codec Pack Full

    K-Lite Codec Pack Full 10.0

    Developer: Codec Guide [Home]Size: 10.00 MBTotal downloads: 135Last Month downloads: 1License: Freeware

    Codec pack of k lite is a collection of DirectShow filters, VFW/ACM codec and tools. Codec and Dire…

  • 8.7 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • Real Alternative

    Real Alternative 2.0.2

    Developer: Codec Guide [Home]Size: 6.59 MBTotal downloads: 67Last Month downloads: 3License: Freeware

    Real alternative will allow you to the system to play the real media files (. Ra ram) do not need t…

  • 7.9 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
  • QuickTime Lite

    QuickTime Lite 4.1.0

    Developer: Codec Guide [Home]Size: 17.30 MBTotal downloads: 55Last Month downloads: 2License: Freeware

    QuickTime Lite is a concise version of QuickTime, only contain the necessary component needs to be …

  • 8.3 rating DOWNLOAD NOW
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