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Avant Browser Lite

Avant Browser Lite 2013

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: Avant Force [Home] Genres: Web browsersSize: 4.28 MB Language: English Update: 06-21-2013Total downloads: 434 Last Month: 6

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My Rating: 5.9
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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From Avant Force about "Avant Browser Lite"

Browser is a separate application design aims to expand functions provide Internet Explorer. It adds a series of features and functions, and its friendly user interface, which brings a new level of clarity and efficiency of your browsing experience, and frequent updates steadily improving its reliability.
Avant browser is free software. That's right. 100% free! You haven't cost. There is no limit. No ads software. No spyware. If you want, you can donate, but it's definitely not necessary.

Avant browser user friendly interface for your browsing experience with clear and effective new experience, frequent upgrades steadily to improve the reliability of his.

Processes: processes design bring you don't collapse, and not die lock, no web browser experience and high stability of the memory leak. When a label to a deadlock, he won't cause you didn't response the whole browser or other pages deadlocks.

Online bookmarks: by Avant can anywhere online storage, office, home, and access to your bookmarks bar, and there's no need to worry about reshipment system, loss of data. Encrypted independent bookmark file format can protect your privacy on public computers.

Automatically populated: the forgotten password page? Avant browser can remember the password for you. You simply blow can take the form of web pages. And you can set a master password to protect your all forms of information.

Filtering: the Flash animation is experiencing with GPRS / 3 g connection web page loading speed is slow when the network? More than 85% of the flash animations in web pages are advertising. These flash files are quite big, usually accounts for more than 90% the size of the web page you are visiting. You simply blow using Avant browser can be used to prevent download the Flash file to save bandwidth.

Advertising/popup window filter: click of a mouse to easily filter unwanted advertising banner and pop-up page.

Mouse gestures: if you click the middle mouse button, on the web page link will open in a new window and run in the background. This feature is useful when open the BBS post. Avant browser also has the function of custom mouse gestures, the use of this function, you can move the mouse to control the browser.

Private browsing: as a privacy mode design, Avant browser will not save the web page data in your computer. Therefore, during the period you use private browsing, people with whom you share a computer will not be able to see which websites you visited, web pages and documents.

Station wagon features include:
• online configuration file is stored
• access
• the mouse gestures
• Filter, Flash animation
• built-in advertising/pop-up window blocking
• built-in RSS/ATOM readers.
• additional mouse functionality
• multi-window browsing
• real full-screen mode and alternative complete desktop mode
• built-in search engine
• all compatible with IE
• control of your privacy
• safety recovery
• skin
• support 41 languages

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