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DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink 3.2

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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From DVD Shrink about "DVD Shrink"

DVDShrink is a software backup DVD discs. You can use this software in combination with the choice of DVD burning software, make a backup copy of any DVD.

DVDShrink will also burn your backup DVD, if you have already installed the latest version of Nero. If you already have instead of burning software and prefer to stick to it, then you can still use the DVD shrink. DVDShrink output can be saved as a file on your hard drive, and then can burn and software that you choose.

DVD Shrink is by far the most convenient DVD backup tool, 40 minutes to complete DVD backup, through a simple video compression set, you can also take that need to be open to burn large capacity DVD movie into a DVD burners, and remove the built-in DVD copy function, need to wait for more save a lot of films capture time, directly to video compression.

Why use DVDShrink?

Most of the DVD is in order to prevent your copy.

The first preventive measures is encrypted. Commercial DVD title is often encrypted to prevent you or copy to your hard drive, or if you can do, can play a results file. DVDShrink built-in decryption algorithm to overcome the problem.

The next question is not so easy. Most of DVD video title is too big, beyond, without modification, to a recordable DVD - r disk. DVDShrink to overcome this problem by compression or "shrinking" data from your original DVD.

DVDShrink also allows you to author your DVD. You can make your own compiled from one or more source DVD, or just choose a part of the DVD you want to view, so as to keep more space on your backup for the high quality watch.

Last but not least, why use DVD shrink? Because DVDShrink is free!

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