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DownloadX ActiveX Download Control

DownloadX ActiveX Download Contr 1.6.7

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP Developer: DownloadXCtrl [Home] Genres: ActiveXSize: 10.77 MB Language: English Update: 06-29-2013Total downloads: 373 Last Month: 1

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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From DownloadXCtrl about "DownloadX ActiveX Download Control"

DownloadX download ActiveX control is a free download manager tool, is used to download files from the Internet or Intranet. This tool was created in admitting the facts, Internet users often have difficulty when they want to download files from the Internet. There are a lot of good things including free online games, software, books, video and so on, these can be as long as you have a computer. Appear a problem, however, when you are not able to download them fast enough. Through the Internet people can share a lot in the form of data upload and download file. DownloadX download ActiveX control is designed to make it easy to download these files as soon as possible by eliminating all the questions, you can capture process.

Most people hope that they will be able to download file faster than they do now. Speed is a big problem, because if your connection is slow and then downloading very large files such as game need to spend a lot of time. Some files even bigger -- film can run more than 600 MB, download the files may take longer. Waiting for time to download the files at the same time is not fun, you need a way to speed up the process. ActiveX control to speed download large file download speed through the flow split into separate, then download each at the same time.

Another question, DownloadX download ActiveX control repair is interrupted. It is in two aspects. First, by accelerating the download it to minimize opportunities for download is interrupted. Obviously, a download last 10 minutes are more likely to interrupt more than one only lasted a minute or two. Second, even if in the event of interruption can download the recovery process has been achieved, a huge step in the browser default system, are not allowed to download. And most browsers, if there are any problems when you download your lose the part already downloaded, so had to start the process again.


DownloadX download ActiveX control USES a very wide range. It can use any programming language VB. Net, c #, c + +, Delphi, ASP, ASP. Net, PHP and Java. This download tool that can support all of the major network protocols, including HTTP, FTP/FTPS, HTTPS, and proxy server, so you need to do is specify the file you want to download and process will begin immediately.

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