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Hexit 1.5

OS: Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: WFW Software [Home] Genres: Specialized ToolsSize: 0.10 MB Language: English Update: 06-30-2013Total downloads: 229 Last Month: 2

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My Rating: 6.0
(TOTAL: 2) 6.0

Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From WFW Software about "Hexit"

Hexit is hexadecimal calculator and converters. It performs the simple hexadecimal integer math (+, -, /, *) and logic function, or, XOR, supplement, mold, bit change). It displays the results in hex, decimal and binary. It supports the standard "C" data types, and can convert floating point Numbers to hexadecimal. You can switch between display big endian or little endian format. New support for the upper window.
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