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HxD Hex Editor

HxD Hex Editor 1.7.7

OS: Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: Mael Horz [Home] Genres: Source Code EditorsSize: 0.80 MB Language: English Update: 10-31-2013Total downloads: 473 Last Month: 7

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My Rating: 7.6
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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From Mael Horz about "HxD Hex Editor"

HxD is a careful design and rapid hex editor, in addition, the original disk editing and modifying the main memory (RAM), processing of files of any size.
This easy to use interface to provide features, such as search and replace, exports, checksum/digestion, insert bytes mode, a file shredder, connection or split files, statistics and more.

Editing work as in a text editor, a focus on a simple and task oriented operation, function simplified hidden differences, therefore, is pure technology.
Hard disk and memory are proposed, for example, is similar to a file and display as a whole, with a division/region limited point of view, and cut off the data could be together. Hard disk and memory can edit in the same way as a regular file including support for cancellation. In addition to the memory part defines a collapsible region and can't access partly hidden by default.

And a lot of energy to make quick and efficient operation, rather than forcing you to use special functions for technical reasons or any restrictions on file size. This includes a flexible interface and progress indicators for lengthy operations.

HxD hex editor provides a tool to check and edit the document, main memory, disk/disk images and their structure, using a simple and modern interface. Large log files you can use it to analysis, the patch file, repair ROM emulator disk structure, validation data or search the game cheating. HxD features include effective processing large files, fast and flexible search and replace, file, the checksum and hash is generated, derived in a variety of formats (source code, format the output as HTML, hex file eeprom programming), a file shredder, split a file/carpentry and graphical statistics.

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