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Java SE Development Kit 64 Bit

Java SE Development Kit 64 Bit 7 Update 25

OS: Windows 8 Windows 7 Vista XP 2003 Developer: Sun Microsystems [Home] Genres: DebuggingSize: 89.98 MB Language: English Update: 06-28-2013Total downloads: 137 Last Month: 1

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Publisher's Description: From Sun Microsystems about "Java SE Development Kit 64 Bit"

Java development kit contains software and tools, you need to compile, debug and run the application and applet, you have to use the Java programming language. JDK has as its main component programming tool set, including javac, jar and document, this package library into a separate jar file. This tool can also help manage the JAR file, Javadoc file generator, automatic generation of documentation comments from the source code, JDB debugger, JPS - state of the process tool, it shows that the process of information for the current Java process, javap -- class file disassembler, therefore many of its components. JDK also comes with a full Java runtime environment, commonly known as a private operation. It consists of a Java virtual machine and all libraries exist in the production environment, and additional library can only be used for developers, such as the International Library and IDL library.

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