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Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: Microsoft Corporation [Home] Genres: Internet Explorer Plug-insSize: 6.63 MB Language: English Update: 10-10-2013Total downloads: 84 Last Month: 1

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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From Microsoft Corporation about "Microsoft Silverlight"

Microsoft's Silverlight is a programmable web browser plug-ins, make the function, such as vector graphics and animation, audio and video playback, so you can experience the rich Internet application.

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in, bring network based on the next generation. NET media experience and rich interactive applications. Silverlight provide spirit live programming model, and can be easily integrated into the existing network applications. Silverlight can be run on the Mac or Windows of the mainstream browsers provide high quality fast, low-cost transfer of video information.

Silverlight provide a flexible programming model, this model support AJAX, VB, c #, Python, and Ruby, integrated with your existing Web application.

It supports fast, cost-effective high quality video delivery of all major browsers running on the Mac OS and Windows.

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