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MySQL 32 bit

MySQL 32 bit 5.6

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: MySQL AB [Home] Genres: DatabaseSize: 35.56 MB Language: English Update: 08-01-2013Total downloads: 111 Last Month: 2

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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From MySQL AB about "MySQL 32 bit"

MySQL community edition is a free download version of the world's most popular open source database that is supported by an active community of open source developers and enthusiasts.

MYSQL is a multi-threaded, structured query language (SQL) database server. The SQL database is the most popular language in the world. MySQL's performance is very high, run very fast, and easy to use. Is a very popular database.

The MySQL enterprise features, including:
• partition to improve performance and manage very large database environment
• based on line/mixed copy to improve safety
• event scheduler to create and arrange work, carry out the tasks of various databases
• the XPath support
• dynamic gm/slow query log
• performance/load testing utility (mysqlslap)
• improve! Full-text search (faster, newly developed template)
• improve! Archive engine (better compression, more features)
• improve! The user's session and problems of SQL identifiers
• improve! MySQL embedded library (libmysqld)
• additional information schema objects
• faster data import operation (parallel file to load)
• ACID transactions to establish a reliable and safe business critical applications
• stored procedures to improve developer productivity
• trigger to perform complex business rules at the database level
• view to ensure that sensitive information is not compromised
• information model to provide easy access to metadata
• pluggable storage engine architecture of flexibility
• For history and audit data, archival storage engine

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