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Samurize 1.64

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: [Home] Genres: Desktop EnhancementSize: 5.31 MB Language: English Update: 06-13-2013Total downloads: 220 Last Month: 7

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My Rating: 7.4
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Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From about "Samurize"

Samurize's popular advanced monitoring system and increase engine for Windows desktop. IT professionals, small game, the player and desktop USES Samurize system information, weather forecast, news headlines, and many more.

Samurize is a very good beautification desktop tools, he provides a full range of custom functionality enables you to implement monitoring system resources, clock, calendar, weather forecast and so on the many kinds of functions, fully customizable functionality makes in his production of desktop elf to desktop perfect cooperation with you. The only lack is to design a wonderful functions may need to know to become language, but also good, a lot of fans will be issued their own script file to share with you, about Samurize script on the network resources is also many, for example: DeskMod.

Samurize's features include:
• An unbeatable built-in meters (disk utilization, CPU usage, network traffic, system temperature,...)
• in the end the possibility of customization and skinning no programming knowledge required
• Monitor your computer, or another over the network
• small memory usage and CPU usage
• the first system monitoring tools, a true wysiwyg editor
• complete through the script and scalability with a powerful plugin SDK/API
• minimum software requirements (no. Net or service pack required)
• multimonitor support
• Many use the option (client, server, taskbar and desktop clock output to XML or image format, the screen saver)

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