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Vuze 5.1

OS: Windows8 64 Windows 8 Windows7 64 Windows 7 Vista 64 Vista XP 2003 Developer: Azureus [Home] Genres: File SharingSize: 8.68 MB Language: English Update: 08-17-2013Total downloads: 96 Last Month: 3

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My Rating: 6.4
(TOTAL: 2) 6.4

Software Abstract

Publisher's Description: From Azureus about "Vuze"

Vuze (original Azureus) is a free bittorrent client used to transfer files via bt protocol. Vuze is written in Java and use Azureus engine. Vuze provide multiple bt download, queuing/priority system (in rapids and files), start/stop sowing options and instant access to a lot of information about your download.

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a Java based Azureus bittorrent client, it provides a variety of torrent download, line up/priority system, start/stop sowing options, and immediately into a multitude of information.

Besides bittorrenting, Vuze lets you view, publish and share the original DVD, hd video content. You can see the content through the channel and category contains TV shows, music, video, film, video games and others.

If you publish your own original content by Vuze, and you can charge and make money.

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